About Me

If your marketing and advertising is for vanity, then I’m not the right person for you. I help companies drive real business objectives using proven strategies. In fact, my work has helped generate millions of dollars in sales for a wide variety of B-to-B, consumer and heath care companies.


Marketing Engagement Optimization (MEO).

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of marketing and advertising, including branding, lead generation, customer acquisition, content marketing, and others. And I’ve learned that regardless of the industry, media, or discipline, engaging your audience is the key to achieving your objectives.

What’s more, there are certain universal principles that are proven to drive engagement. Using these principles, I’m able to optimize your marketing and advertising for maximum engagement.

Wondering if MEO can help you finally get the results that have eluded you so far? Contact me for a FREE consultation.

  • Sean’s contribution to Krames Staywell can be measured many ways beyond the millions of dollars in company revenue (and hefty sales commissions to reps like me). Sean’s dedication to his craft had a direct influence on our ability to present a comprehensive and relevant range of solutions. His attention to detail made our load much lighter but the real impact – the real value, is in the millions upon millions of smart health decisions influenced by these solutions from the hands of Sean and his team. That value, that ROI is incalculable.

    Tom Chelston
  • Sean is an excellent direct-response copywriter for print and electronic projects including e-commerce websites. He takes the deep dive on all his work, getting to the heart of the USP in ways many copywriters simply cannot. Never happy with “ordinary,” Sean strives to make his work something greater than the sum of its parts.

    Bill Scott
  • Working with Sean for over 5 years has been a pleasure. Always seeking innovative ways to tell the story, Sean has fresh perspectives. Sean is a solid marketing professional with capabilities across all industries.

    Benjamin Reder