A-B Testing Mistakes

Do You Make These A/B Testing Mistakes?

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A/B testing is sort of like an American Idol audition. Everyone thinks they’re great at it. Few actually are. I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re probably A/B testing wrong. And you’re not alone. It’s shocking to see how many mistakes even well-known and respected marketers make in regards to testing. And that’s a big […]

Find out which types of blog posts get massive engagement

4 Types of Blog Posts that Get Massive Engagement

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Blogging can be an emotional roller coaster. When you get a lot of positive comments, shares and high engagement metrics, all your hard work is worth while. But it sucks when your writing is mostly ignored. We’ve all been there. You check your analytics with eager anticipation only to be greeted with disappointment. No comments. […]

Ignore this marketing advice

Marketing Advice You Can Ignore

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Here’s a scary thought. The advice guiding your marketing decisions could be causing those efforts to fail. And the worst part is, you probably don’t even realize it. This dangerous marketing advice is so widely stated that it’s accepted by most without question. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes It seems like good advice. And, […]

Stand Out with a Content Identity

Creating a Content Identity

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As a content creator, I sometimes feel like Waldo.According to an infographic from Newstex, 5 exabytes of content are created every day. That’s equal to one billion gigabytes. Or, if you want to break it down further, one quintrillion bytes.To put it in context, that’s the same amount of information created from the beginning of […]